Food Basics Flyer - 11/12-11/18/2020 (Page 5)

meat classic crunch fillets ore butterball butterball fresh bone-in pork seasoned turkey combination drumsticks or chops thighs centre cut included this week only this week only alb medium ground beef family pack this week only this week only alb лв legacy cured boneless pork loin rolled in cornmeal boneless irresistibles skinless salmon chicken breast sausages family pack selected varieties this week only this week only each l.b homestyle seasoned blow boste shaved beef au jus schneiders selection actionline this week only boeuf émince eatballyshoreb - fuméreturellement this week only this week only au jus bacon original chicken bu gergers lou's kitchen schneiders selection each fully cooked entrées or each bacon double smoked selected varieties selected varieties selected varieties new lou's kitchen crunchy & tenor schneider schneiders mal simple vrat spe hari kara salas load schneiders sausage rings or mini pepperoni stick pepped & ready appurites ganda omare casa font des schneiders juicy jumbos natural chicken poulet naturel soded chicken poulet dechqurte this week only this week only this week only each each each schneiders juicy jumbos or grill'ems selected varieties maple leaf prepped & ready chicken 250 g slected varieties bares e the arlo sole mino swiss-suisse havarti arla sliced deli cheese selected vaties tortellini bay scallops pétoncles de baie irresistibles bay scallops or sea delight tuna steaks selected varieties jalapero costromagnes this week only free each each oʻsole mio fresh pasta selected varieties buy any at regular price and receive 1 free pillers pillers piller's piller's kolbassa chubs or pizza pepperoni selected varieties piller's pillers toppings pepperoni this week only this week only black forest ham this week only jambon foret noire sto pillers kelbassa each each each piller's sliced deli meat selected varieties piller's smoked black forest boneless half ham boog selected varieties

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