Food Basics Flyer - 06/09-06/15/2022 (Page 5)

produce love local ontario this week only ontario greenhouse woche growers seedless cucumbers sweet corn love local mini seedless cucumbers product of ontario canada no 1 grade foragegirt love local ontatio love local fiddleheads product of ontario each floral bouquet each strawberries product of u.s.a no 1 grade raspberries each sweet corn product of u.s.a portobellini mushrooms product of ontario limes limes this week only each each this week only each whole seedless watermelon product of usa this week only each vidalia this week only each love local each sweet vidalia onions product of usa no 1 grade rhubarb product of ontario canada no 1 grade large seasonal bouquet each love local ontario fjumirromaine hearts jgrob cours de laitue romaine please manalbury la anseria lazivachisc andy&boy broccoli crowns product of extra large avocados product of mexico love local russet potatoes product of canada canada no 1 grade sle bag baskets asparagus romaine hearts dole product of usa chopichoidole chop chop salads or kits product of usa emat selected varieties chipotle & cheddar this week only each extra large red or green seedless grapes product of mexico no grade each edward totator russet tabulat pommes potatoes terre this week only each this week only each ance each bosc pears product of south africa extra fancy grade roma tomatoes product of mexico green beans product of usa sherl green beans haricots verts greens totalgreen microgreens selected varieties each edy totalarson miera grethis week only pomegranates product of peru each each 5" just add ice orchids

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