Foodland Flyer - 01/02-01/06/2021 (Page 2)

cope organic broccoli product of usa produce local organic avocados product of mexico product of ontario compliments organic mushrooms whole white or mini bella canada pochod compliments organic 2 lb carrots product of usa no 1 grade complaints make your resolution organic pint cros compliments organic salad blends cemplimente arus organic biologice miced baby green meschen organic blueberries product of peru or chile dam bag tri comment eigen biologie batry spinach poseid organic lil snappers apple bag gala product of usa extra fancy grade organic bananas product of costa rica meat family sterling silver stewing beef cut from canada aaa sterling size 599 schneiders blue ribbon sterling silver inside round roasts cut from canada aaa grade beef classic bologna bologne classique value size pork tenderloin schneiders sausage of the month buffalo wing made in-store compliments chicken bacon style poulet gente acon ole compliments handcrafted by your local meat expert compliments storemade sausage buffalo wing compliments burgers selected varieties compliments stuffed chicken breasts 284 g or maple lodge chicken bacon rose stores bakery ay beat mostres del havari havarti com onso school safe share buy 1 for $5.00 buy 2 for $8.00 buy 3 for buy 3 or less at 5.99 each buy 4 for starting at arla sliced compliments naturally simple deli meats 175 g or ile de france compliments sliced deli meats maine baked in-store main baked in-store bonus miles starting at starting at bbq chicken legs available hot and ready to go 4 pk $2 ea reser's or seven grain or oat gourmet cinnamon buns plain or with cream cheese icing avable at most stores flora wonderful wonderful pistachios pistachios buy 2 or more starting at succulents in blue ceramic pot assorted sizes spring bulbs 4" pots assorted varieties tulips assorted colours 10-stem bunch wonderful pistachios great gift idea! foodland gift cards can be any amount

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