Foodland Flyer - 04/29-05/05/2021 (Page 8)

sausage of the month honey garlic made in-store honey garlic sausages handcrafted by your local meat expert roma tomatoes product of mexico cilantro product of usa or mexico calvo hass hass vocaexos avocats 5pk guae this way limes product of mexico avocados product of mexico 5 pk red onions product of usa no 1 grade compliments gamato jalapeno peppers product of usa or corn product of usa no 1 grade compliments salsa 488 ml or cinco mayo everything you need for making chalupas and enchiladas to churros and beyond! gay lea sour cream tostitos tortilla chips gay lea sour cream tostatos rounds rondes cracker barrel shredded cheese tosiitos cracker barrel double baked in-store cracker barrel tex mex churro donuts compliments air-chilled parkas aunt jemima oikos cuplatecome original cordes dikos рае cashmere cashmere dikos parkay aunt jemima pancake mix and syrup 905 g or danone oikos greek yogurt parkay margarine cashmere bathroom tissue kollego's httlemani this week's nature valley crunchy minip wheats store bonus miles when you buy any frukas blue bonus old foo outch raisin bran old uutch or 95 bonus miles original saya kellogg's family size cereal selected varieties nature valley trail mio crunchy or lunch box granola betty crocker $10 towards your weekly offers are available only while supplies old dutch potato chips bring me! let's do our part" for future generations

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