Foodland Flyer - 05/26-06/01/2022 (Page 3)

sterling hand-selected 6⁹9 aaa beef cut canada sterling silver inside round roasts cut from canada aaa compliments air-chilled naturally simple split 5⁹9 family size 64⁹ extra lean chicken sauce swiss chalet beaster beef pot fil free as bei chicken poulet proscre 7⁹9 chicken sauce general too watson ridge mevla swiss chalet or montana's meat pies compliments boot-u 15⁹⁹ available at most stores babybel mini roules rolls inace portion collation chipolic joue compliments fully cooked shrimp with cocktail sauce boursin portions alfines herges garlictine heros www panache oven roasted turkey breast portions sterling silver inside round rouladen stuffed with spinach and swiss cheese cut from canada aaa panachs anterior dentistiques schneiders juicy jumbos ale schneiders juicy jumbos wieners schneiders mini-sizzlers breakfast sausages the laughing cow la vachequirit viss ace throu king com 6⁹9 saumon ailandique fume smoked abando salmon pearlmark bayscallops petoncles de baies schneiders frozen oktoberfest sausages mini-sizzlers or sausage rounds pearlmark scallops or vasco & co smoked salmon cheese dippers 7⁹⁹ while from breasts briginal & himarts de ble exter babybel original babyb babybel la vache quirit 8⁹9 antidotics semesanelvann quantorotique family size compliments air-chilled naturally simple boneless skinless chicken breasts compliments air-chilled naturally simple boneless skinless chicken thighs 5⁹⁹ compliments honey early hotel pr 13.⁹⁹ compliments compliments fully cooked turkey strips compliments chicken wings compliments cod nuggets or boxed and breaded seafood selected varieties bonus 10miles starting at 54⁹ meatballs or pork or sauced available hot & ready to go or chilled olivieri crafted in-store by your local meat experts burgers bacon & cheddar or jalapeno & cheddar 1.5kg chris brothers bologna chub 9⁹9 compliments bely cabbage rolls cioares au chou au bout babybel oliviers skillet gnocchi apoeler cheddar bacon kiri fromage à la crime tantines chanam chance an alfredo alfredo sliced fresh 37⁹ 89⁹ chris bologna- chelo chris bologna- bologne flatbreads oliviert compliments cabbage rolls lobster tails previously frozen deli

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