Foodland Flyer - 04/08-04/14/2021 (Page 4)

salad inspiration! iceberg lettuce product of usa no 1 grade bunch radishes product of usa or mexico red cluster tomatoes on the vine product of red or green leaf lettuce product of usa local product of ontario onions canada no 1 grade foodland canada product of canada carrots canada no 1 grade rottes 99€ farms green onions product of mexico bunch po osniwa canada chof canada cantaloupes product of honduras or guatemala no 1 grade red mangoes product of mexico or peru red grapefruit product of israel navel oranges product of usa red or black plums product of chile large avocados product of mexico available at most stores flora buy lat $6.99 buy 2 or more holland spring herbs and more! assorted varieties crazy daisy bouquet 10-stem bunch premium tropicals in tin featuring stromanthe triostar 4" pot compliments cashews roasted salted or unsalted asbe utmost bakery baked in-store limited time offer family size baked in-store baked in-store mini cookies bonus mies panache naan or caramelized onion 6" cheesecakes strawberry topped or fresh fruit topped brownie bar peanut butter great gift idea! foodland gift cards can be any amount

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