Foodland Flyer - 06/18-06/24/2020 (Page 2)

produce selected squash buttercup or spaghetti product of usa or green beans product cooking at home 89€ green cabbage product of usa no grade cooking green bunches kohlrabi or collards product of usa bag parsnips panals yellow product of usa parsnips product of usa red or black plums product of usa no 1 grade apricots product of usa cherries product of usa organic gala apples product of usa extra bosc pears product of argentina organic strawberries floral available at most stores wonder pistachios flowers buy 1 at $2.99 buy 2 or more fairtrade wonderful pistachios roasted shelled anthurium in decor 5 pot potted mini rose fair trade duet bouquet bakery available at most stores baked in-store dessert cakes compliments baguettes white or multigrain cupcakes sweets for dad brownie cakes fore baked in-store kaiser buns dad baked in-store spend & get father's day single layer demi baguette ciabata 1758 chood oh oh od services which are non discounts or othed by low a2 a2

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