Fortinos Flyer - 12/02-12/08/2021 (Page 4)

fresh apple cider our president's choice apple cider is made from fresh | chudleighs crumble crunch foodland apple ontario blossoms every batch pro scratch chudleigh's apple crumble apple caram or apple berry blossoms all varieties president's choice fresh-pressed sweet apple cider honeycrisp fresh-pressed mulled sweet apple cider sweet apple cider ally watedrossoms each nonamenom cinnamon sticks bâtonnets de cannelle no name cinnamon sticks simple pc® apple cider this fresh-pressed apple cider is cinnamon stick & orange slice! pcⓡ honeycrisp apple cider known for their honey sweet taste apples give this traditional cider pcⓡ mulled apple cider made with spices and cider is perfect warmed! since 1799 moyers moyers carasel apreen moyers farm moyers farm is an iconic beamsville landmark producing yummy candy apples just in time for christmas! these seasonally decorated ontario-grown crispin apples deliver the perfect tart balance with a sweet chocolate coating cartus melapple ideal for stocking stuffers!

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