FreshCo. Flyer - 07/29-08/04/2021 (Page 4)

local foodland avocados or ataulfo mangoes product of mexico avocats ou mangues extra large cherries product of canada cerises sweet peppers product of ontario poivrons local foodland ontario pint compliments pint grape tomatoes product of ontario tomates raisins product of chile in-stock guaranteed check off product of canada product of canada or 22cea limes product of mexico limes green or red leaf lettuce product of canada laitue frisée verte ou rouge royal gala apples product of usa extra fancy grade pommes broccoli bunch product of canada botte de brocoli product of canada ettembre esp pitted dates deglet noor dattes denoyaitis attitude نفرمون همگی caesar cesar save $1" save $1100 save $111 or $2.44 ea black or red plums prunes fresh attitude single serve salad product of usa préparations de salades individuelles compliments baby arugula product of canada jeune roquette épinards ou mélange printanier product of algeria dattes local ♡ local foodland foodlond qulamin never cuth neukens ontario peaches arga utres green beans product of ontario haricots verts fc_w.9a 04_ont.pozzi

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