FreshCo. Flyer - 08/20-08/26/2020 (Page 2)

field tomatoes product of ontario tomates foodland product of canada foodland green bell sweet peppers product of poivrons verts basket basket foodland litter avg basket foodland seedless watermelon product of ontario melon d'eau tomatoes or dill cucumbers tomates ou concombres à mariner concombres ou coriandre lowering product of canada foodland foodland ontario ontario 99€ lemons product of south africa or argentina citrons avocados product of mexico avocats green or red leaf lettuce product of ontario radis ou laitue green kale or zucchini product of ontario chou frisé ou courgettes product of canada red delicious or fuji apples product of usa extra fancy grade pommes seedless oranges product of south africa anjou pears product of argentina oranges ou poires red seedless grapes raisins pint blueberries bleuets product of canada pick ontario restone pitted dates deglet noor tis denotauties الشعر مکمل طول 99€ compliments baby spinach or spring mix épinards ou mélange printanier deglet dates dattes deglet pitted dates dattes colour and selection may vary by store-available at most locations while supplies last a2 a2

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