FreshCo. Flyer - 07/22-07/28/2021 (Page 4)

local foodland ontario product of canada tomatoes on the vine product of ontario tomates bunch spinach product of canada celery product of canada zucchini or vegetable marrow product of ontario courgettes ou courge a moelle product of canada tup local foodlond de romain umaine hearts local foodland tunion proffutbo compliments gia cart of wholewkite blancs untiers dentro compliments white mushrooms product of ontario champignons product of canada coeurs de romaine double fresh guaranteed replacerefund your item your money avocados or red mangoes product of mexico avocats ou mangues plum tomatoes tomates pink lady or fuji apples product of usa extra fancy grade pommes bartlett pears product of usa extra fancy grade forelle pears product of south africa extra fancy grade poires minneolas product of peru minneola pineapples product of costa rica ananas yellow or white flesh peaches pêches black or red plums prunes eat smart பேன் க be priate jarling ltventines sokey sweet crotone ceret pitid dates deglet noor dalies denowalitas esmeraiches eat smart نفر فلا نے عملی سی hoy darling save $1 save $311 eat smart salad kits product of usa salades deglet pitted dates product of algeria product of south africa product of spain or south africa bard valley medjool dates product of usa dattes dattes wront_po221

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