FreshCo. Flyer - 01/16-01/22/2020 (Page 2)

foodland seedless cucumbers concombres pint royal gala apples product of ontario canada fancy pommes pint blueberries bleuets seedless oranges product of spain oranges product of mexico cantaloupes product of guatemala avocats ou cantaloups big deal foodland locked & low ignames ou patates douces green zucchini or eggplant courgettes vertes ou aubergines broccoli crowns couronnes de brocoli green bell sweet peppers poivrons verts vich hols vinc cca stem & leaf clementines product of spain yellow peaches product of chile clémentines ou péches fresh attitude wok kits product of usa trousses pour sauté gateaux ou tartes signature passion buns 5-10 pk oakrun farm bakery crumpets 6 pk compliments english muffins 6 pk hostess dutchapple pie qupcakes ultimate supreme dempster's fun pack choco yusat bageld multe grains everything tout gaan sensations by compliments dutch ultimate suprēme apple pie 1.1 kg tarte aux pommes dempster's bagels 6 pk bagels rudolph's poppyseed or multigrain petits gâteaux ou pain a2 a2 a2 cames

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