FreshCo. Flyer - 07/09-07/15/2020 (Page 4)

red prince apples product of ontario canada fancy pommes red prince foodland tako product of canada bag akg canada pei potatoes product of pei pommes de terre pint prince edward islanduar foodland oro potatoes pommes de terre canada compliments pint grape tomatoes product of ontario tomates raisins wem foodland cucumbers product of mini-concombres compliments baby spinach or spring mix légumes-feuilles lowering 99€ ataulfo mangoes product of mexico mangue ataulfo red mangoes product of mexico mangue rouge red delicious apples product of usa extra fancy grade pommes red delicious oignons doux rouges ou blancs anjou pears product of usa poires d'anjou clementines product of south clémentines yellow or white flesh nectarines nectarines à chair jaune ou blanche black sweet saphire or green seedless grapes product of raisins noirs sweet saphire ou verts pint product of mexico avocats pint blueberries product of usa bleuets dried cranberries product of usa canneberges séchées walnut halves & pieces product of usa noix de grneoble en moitiés ou morceaux a2 a2

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