FreshCo. Flyer - 08/13-08/19/2020 (Page 2)

foeurs de rumaire romaine hearts deuns de romani romaine hearts product of canada cours de romaine sunto junio product of canada cod cara centinue outer w995 solica bunch spinach product of canada methi product of ontario epinards ou méthi local local save 50€ foodland stars green bell sweet peppers product of ontario poivrons broccoli product of canada compliments pint grape tomatoes product of ontario brocoli ou tomates raisins compliments baby arugula spinach or spring mix lowering foodland ontato bag minneolas product of peru minneolas royal gala apples product of usa or chile extra fancy grade pink cripps apples product of chile pommes clementines product of south africa or argentina bartlett pears product of usa clementines ou poires product of ontario carottes foodland black or red plums prunes green or black seedless grapes raisins sans pépins green or red swiss chard red kale product of ontario ou chou frisé roue cauliflower chou-fleur avg foodland ovo peaches foodland end bazaar sour neon wort veet nooit surs or $1.66 ea seedless watermelon product of ontario mélon sans pépins peches ou nectarines assorted candy bazaar friandises unsalted or salted pistachios product of usa pistaches a2 a2

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