Highland Farms Flyer - 06/17-06/23/2021 (Page 4)

brands you love whole grain whole grain first nando's perinaise fibre1 qatmeal crisp nando's peri-peri hot sauce 250ml at $5.99 each perinaise 450ml free nchy original nandos peri-per sauce nando's peri-peri sauce ver me more ponte nature valley granola protein fibre protéines bringing home back to you arow aulu val nature அபயாம் save more! general mills cereal each aurora extra virgin olive oil aurora solid light tuna in oil alessia la bomba antipasto spread hai cristol canapé melba rounds nature valley sweet & salty 1 more bar now! nature valley oasis nutrisource baguettes vinta 100% acer takis takis takis wala mangala es galax swealty allen's allen's almohs apple breton original dare crackers assorted varieties takis rolled nature valley sweet & salty granola bars assorted varieties chips allen's apple juice 1.89l or oasis nutrisource juice blends 1.36l selected varieties assorted varieties cioner m'lord snacks miniaturi cok cos sardo chicken limon & mele snacks sardo unko pitted ripe olives pitted sardo green olives m'lord sliced ripe olives chat lakid uickti choxer plakid ught tuna m'lord products selected varieties and sizes sardo black or green olives selected varieties unico 100% pure grapeseed oil clover leaf flavoured light tuna chicken or tuna snacks selected varieties regular retail 4| sign up for your e-flyer today at highlandfarms.ca

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