Home Depot Flyer - 01/01-12/31/2020 (Page 14)

you're almost there how much will it cost? determine your budget we've applied some approximate costs to the various components of a new kitchen to help you determine a rough budget the home depot's guaranteed low prices and financing options make it easier to have what you want for less item quality level determining your budget approximate cost what your money gets you cabinetry installation extra good countertops good best what is a linear foot? twelve inches or one foot is equal to one linear foot the home depot pricing per linear foot is for one foot of upgrades and are not factored into the basic linear fool price if a cabinet price is $100 per linear foot and the kitchen is pricing sign showing the linear foot price of that specific door style for an unaccessorized kitchen your kitchen designer will be able to estimate your kitchen based on your specific needs laminate installation entral eco installation extra solid surfaces intolation included smooth top with expandable elements range lodd about $100 for stainless good starts at $400 starts at $800 starts at $1,500 refrigerator fodd about $200 for sine starts at $500 starts at $1,000 starts at $2,000 dishwasher fodd about $60 for stainless good best starts at $200 starts at $500 starts at $700 pricing for all kitchens allows for 6 feet of appliances market standard kitchen layout includes patiente top freezer bottom freezer or side by side convection cooking basic unaccessorized • basic cabinetry • blind corner wall and base cabinets • no interior storage solutions • no decorative embellishments microwave fodd about $60 for stainless good starts at $300 starts at $500 starts at $800 wall oven lodd about $200 for stainless good ben starts at $500 starts at $750 starts at $ 1.200 note use market standard estimate when comparing prices at various retailers electronic control delay start cook control cooktop lodd about $100 for inless better best starts at $300 starts at $500 starts at $800 • installation of all pulls & knobs sink base prep • notchril cabinets for water supply or electrical installer to place tarp or plastic across doorways to limit dust flow • application of edge banding • installer to sweep site at the end of each install day and at the completion of install plan & design vont hood fedd about $100 for stainless best starts at $45 starts at $150 starts at $500 electrocoil ceramic top high grade stainless steel sink good starts at $120 starts at $300 starts at $400 faucet best starts at $50 starts at $140 starts at $350 your old kitchen must go when determining a budget for your new kitchen project remember that you'll incur costs for dismantling your existing reconfiguring plumbing and electrical changing an electric stove flooring porcelain tile and engineered hardwood noural stone review selection of kitchen elements available and laid the groundwork for determining how much your new kitchen will cost better lighting starts at $100 good best starts at $150 starts at $300 prices vary by market

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