Home Hardware Flyer - 05/06-05/12/2021 (Page 8)

dh here's how kuraidori save select sodastream mother's day and 1.5 l steamer with tempered glass covers and 24 cm frying pan earn points aeroplan oducto canada save kuraidori save shape.store save mother's keeps food safe from freezer burn! day frosucto canada the burger master was $30.99 presses 8 quarter pound patties at a time was $6.29 paring knife german stainless steel beveled blade sodastream source sparkling water maker includes 1l carbonating bottle and 60 l co2 cylinder each save temp acurite libbey save minder save glass drinking jar digital indoor hygrometer displays indoor humidity and to read indicator indoor humidity wro temperature was $2.69 was $40.99 was $11.99 wireless thermometer includes 3 remote wireless sensors and indoor monitor great price vileda save save home bee mop classic handle with unique wringing action utility pail laminate & hardwood cleaner ah here's how jalura laminate and hardwood cleaner nettoyant pour bois franc et stratifié was $5.49 was $6.69 save scotchgard save bic save trophy bic fabric and upholstery protector repels spills and stains scotchgard child guard lighters assorted colours trophy bol fabric water shield protecteur hydrofuge pour tissu cashews roasted with sea salt treme danger extre was $12.49 was $6.29 pack was $7.29 roasted cashews with sea salt pack creature comforts purina save wahl great price save 25% alpo alpo dog food 100% complete and balanced nutrition cookout classics grillades classiques multi-cat extra strength clumping litter destroys odours instantly fresh scent cito hard clumps multi-cat bestant odou destion stays superiore con clurpins litter was $18.99 port vere was $21.99 pet car seat cover alpo save perky-pen great price survival save armstrong armstrong crafty canadian bird feeder 'evenseed' system uniform feeding for less filling holds 3 lb peanut wild bird food protein and fat armstrong armstrong ด้ user easy pickens festin certain peanuts arachides wind code samulieruchides was $20.99 was $14.99 event# 9218hh pack suet cakes selected flavours bird seed sold separately

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