Independent Flyer - 06/23-06/29/2022 (Page 4)

save this week 54⁹ black diamond cheese cheese 320 g or black diamond- cheestrings 108 black selected varietediamond sale save at least 50c 3.9⁹9⁹ simply lemonade gold peak iced tea oasis juice or smoothies selected varieties refrigerated sale save $1 pc 100% pure maple syrup canada grade a amber save this week 14.⁹9 pc single serve muskoka pods selected varieties save 98 $2.99 ea pc natural spring water black diamond tacos nachos medium m port sale save up to depend or poise convenience or regular packs selected varieties and sizes simply limonade haple syrup oasis op derable pedals chaine costa rica wedum boat saatcom spring sour source notless pure life depend nutrition fast premiere comptable sale save at least 51c nestlé pure life poise overmont pade your independent grocer chapman's collectio chapman's ice cream creme glocee 3.⁹9⁹ chapman's original selected varieties frozen sale save at least 95c mest lasagne stouffers a viande or bistro entrées selected varieties frozen sale save 26€ 14⁹ campbell's original spaghetti 0's 425 ml heinz beans or pasta sale save 51c sour chere jus' better candy tub selected varieties robin hood or five roses flour selected varieties pc greenhouse strawberries 340 product of canada canada no 1 grade or strawberries 2 lb product of u.s.a no 1 grade get save this week save 98 sale save up to $5.99 ea on select pc nutrition first cat food selected varieties coca-cola canada dry or pepsi soft drinks selected varieties garden centre items selection may vary by store while quantities last gigantico csonals chats ges cola cannot be combined with multibuys or other promotions coca-cola pefc fefcc yig e back spaghett original $1.49 ea no name pasta selected varieties save this week 13.⁹9 39-48's or cascade laundry detergent selected varieties pepsi grissol baguettes or selected varieties save 96 lean cuisine minceur chicken fettuccine fettuccine heinz beans original mign source of for boulangerit patisserie baguales elbow macaroni peth 100 macaroni en coudes spaghetti gain smek optimum members get it cascade see back page for details member price non-member price chocolate chip choco members save pc mini muffins selected varieties 2.99*** member price members save non-member price sour neon worms vers neon surets robin hood all purpose flour original stapwedores frases that's like in points pts

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