Independent - Lunar New Year Flyer - 01/28-02/17/2021 (Page 3)

format sire and more must-have dishes format familial hot pot vegetables and dipping sauce you multi family size lay's potato chips selected varieties vegetable dishes traditionally the spring festival is the best time of year to use up the vegetables that have been stored for the it's own unique symbolic meaning also known as "new year cake" in lunar new year savoury - substitute for rice or noodles sweet - enjoy as a snack or for dessert auris familial lays coca-cola 4x341 ml or canada dry premium beverage selected varieties ketchup ginger ale lays anas coca-cola subrina sanseils premium coca-cola classic classique coca cola puiduti charles lch plato lipton yellow label or green tea selected varieties lipton rooster or pc sweetened condensed milk loenenud ente neno ondensed milk it condense series sweetened condensed mls cait condense sucre lipton yellow label thé guarara dlp robin hood flour selected varieties no name liquid or creamed honey liquid or creamed 100% canadianpur creamed quaker steel cut oats or quaker oats selected varieties honey sar quaker quick oats sincer robin hood all purpose flour quaker original canadian pure liquid honey miel liquide den- one minute oats fun facts! varies each year dumplings are eaten because they represent wealth decorations are found everywhere

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