Independent Flyer - 04/30-05/06/2020 (Page 5)

produce put ontario sweet celebration red seedless grapes raisins rouges sans pépins pc extra large red seedless grapes product of south africa no.1 grade greenhouse extra large sweet peppers product of ontario multi multi less than 2 $3.49 ea colossal cantaloupe product of u.s.a each red mangoes product of mexico large broccoli product of u.s.a combat eaty smart mixed utes vineyard collection sweet kale-chourist door lati but tarmers mark golden utiles dorées delces su marche oranges pc little gems mini potatoes product of canada canada eat smart salad kits selected varieties product of u.s.a selected varieties farmer's market navel oranges product of spain or grapefruit product of turkey asparagus product of mexico great to go sthubert páte hot chicken pot pie from concocte dess chefs code wcy rosée pasta gelage pour les selected varieties from our chefs soup selected varieties pc pasta sauce selected varieties ren79 canada extra od balderson cheese selected varieties deli cut danely balderson extra fort ins pc feta in brine selected varieties féta yucatan guacamole squeeze natural st selections shavedesince from pc natural choice black forest ham deli meat maple leaf natural selections deli meat selected varieties yucatan guacamole selected varieties from 699 great to go items plus applicable taxes

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