Independent Flyer - 04/16-04/22/2020 (Page 10)

become a fan of the naan made from an authentic indian recipe and baked in a traditional tandoor-style oven their shape makes them ideal for burgers enough to hold serious fillings pc naan rounds white or whole wheat 8's naan $2.99 ea april 16 - 22 sara ſee perfect optimum that's like s2 in points for every $8* spent on sara lee little bites selected varieties tools for lunch boxes phle perfect no in-store for redemption restrictions suruler sarules pittle blueberry atuffins chocolate bites res chocolate chip muffins pean sara lee little bites selected varieties wha chines det us arac from the greenhouse to your house east moram ontario ontario canada ettuge ivante or tomatoes on the vine product of ontario greenhouse extra large product of ontario pc live lettuce red or trio lettuce product of canada each naturefresh naturefresh ontario organic axiany cherry or mixiany tomatoes product of canada english cucumbers each gora peutici good tomberry ontario strawberries fraises contario semua ontario bu r verde of cerradur con ontario pc greenhouse strawberries pc tomberry tomato product of ontario

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