Loblaws BLACK FRIDAY 2019 Flyer - 11/28-12/04/2019 (Page 3)

food lovers unite "loblaws boneless striploin grilling steak usda select grade beef or higher sale save at least $10 lb optimum members only offer head & shoulders or pantene hair care or styling selected varieties and sizes ovads pantene momber price non-member price bacon pork whole loin minimum pkg of 6 or pc naturally smoked fresh rainbow trout fillets sey large white shrimp cooked peeled moked cuites wers honeycrisp apples product large broccoli product of family size blueberries beitelescent 249.nea hesab active kraft smartfood cheetos oldi fort activia paffs souffes kraft white cheddar blanc sale multi marble! save $5 tropicana less than 2 $2.99 ea kraft cheese bars selected varieties pure leaf or gold peak iced tea 1.75l selected varieties selected varieties swanson gli www poule boyardee mad faitenance machine and cheese macau fromage aylmer michelinas quality street beef ravioli in tomato & meat sac diced tomatoes tomates en des sale save at least 50c selected varieties biasa 88€ selected varieties frozen 99¢ non serie medias quality street tin chocolates 2x more plus kleeren d'italiano original white wonder bounty vilde palmolive palmolive ultra strengti mix & match or $3.49 ea sale downy tide laundry detergent 12-16's downy fabric gain beads 162 g or no name garbage bags 20-40's selected varieties the mix and match deal is only applicable for harvest and d'italiano save $1.06 palmolive liquid dish detergent selected varieties kleenex facial tissue selected varieties sale save s2

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