Loblaws Flyer - 06/10-06/16/2021 (Page 5)

produce multi less than 3 $1.99 ea more of the food you love online fame dos nechong avocados product of mexico farmer's market peaches 3 l or nectarines 2l product of u.s.a znale stay up to date on the latest deals at or sign up for our weekly email tos peaches pêches ontario mixlani sweet potatoes product of u.s.a jumbo seedless watermelon product of organic cantaloupe ea product of u.s.a pc axiany or mixiany tomatoes product of ontario axiany multi multi less than 2 $4.99 ea less than 2 $5.99 ea omers lemons meus citrons pts sar and den banon depole pc loads of garlic caesar salad kit selected varieties product of u.s.a.c loads of plein de fresh tropical and vegetable kabobs see in-store salad bar for details farmer's market clementines or lemons product of south africa tarmen's mie duos marche clementines clementines pc organics seedless grapes product of mexico no.1 grade cere garlio gallar gelar a l'ail great to go plus applicable taxes girasoli billbekletlerella rozzarellalat bufline pc black label pasta selected varieties pc chefready meals selected varledes baguette sandwiches prepared in-store selected varieties triangoli porcini mushroom truffle champisnon porcon truffe sotstvon av cabbage rohs sisares au choux the deli pe optimum from members get it this week's exclusive offers bothwell cheese selected varieties from our chefs deli meat selected varieties for pc optimum members nog bothwell gouda see back page for details pts that's like $3 in points from lghtlife for every $15* spent on arla dofino or castello cheese meden cheddar mi-port selected varieties arte castello selected varieties lightlife plant-based meats selected varieties smart tenders cken totale figlie tickler havarti bitrare lightlife jalapeño bocconcini smart bacon pland sacon bacon ade eortale

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