Loblaws Flyer - 04/16-04/22/2020 (Page 2)

"loblaws food lovers unite april 16 - 22 express or hoe grocery shop groceries online and choose near you pampers baby-dry huggies that's like $10 in points for every $50* spent in the baby department apparel selected varieties snugglers white white kellogg's cheerios onder corn los mix & match or $3.49 ea d'italiano original farntsys grains +fibres selected varieties qatar the mix and match deal is only applicable for bread and dʻitaliano selected varieties pork race piste cases de diseno black diamond black diamond medium - swiss chalet pacific pink salmon saumon rose du pacifque saquestes par watte shrimp crevettes blanche dupaone marble marbre sale save at least $3.70 udtes de do nouveau cheese bars 500 g selected varieties frozen or aquastar pacific shrimp swiss chalet or montana's pork back ribs origina breyers den & jerry's half bakod multi didmin less than 2$2.29 ea iracle creamery style llll heinz ketchup vigon tomato ser aromates selected varieties breyers creamery style ice cream or selected varieties trutaste neilson activa fru maxwell light" cream half half maxwell area simply orange te original boast faction originale gold peak iced tea or simply juice 2.63l selected varieties maxwell house roast and ground coffee selected varieties neilson cream get 1 free danone oikos greek yogurt selected varieties multi oikc light & free yogurt 4x95 g or danone oikos greek yogurt selected varieties less than 2 $4.99 ea la grill cajun qikos putra cat light who oikos tidy cats light weight cat litter 2.72 kg or cat chow 1.6-2 kg selected varieties club house seasoning or la grille spice black cedar mulich pallis de cédre noir natural mulch palls naturel greenworld black earth topsoil-terreau terre noire asb or no namemulch pc black earth topsoil farmer's market pansy planter assorted colours outdoor spring arrangement la back

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