Loblaws Flyer - 05/20-05/26/2021 (Page 9)

grocery optimum members get it this week's exclusive offers for pc optimum members see back page for details habitant flakes of ham oup campoulli maple leaf flakes selected varieties chunky campbell's chunky soup 796 ml selected varieties chikken noodle poulet et nouilles $1" imm flakes of chicken member prico non-member price harle leaf pout.ch patch loads of cheddar cheese sea salt mutti sel pc first pressed canola oil 1.42 l or 100% sunflower oil paste or passata selected varieties de cecco sied tomatoes couis de forma pavasta canola pc® crackers selected varieties multi multi less than 2 $2.29 ea uitraso old el paso cola dinner kits dinner kit haro van mons mott's garden cocktail or clamato juice selected varieties mato coca-cola or canada dry soft drinks selected varieties selected varietieson pepper north hot sauce sauce 350 ml selected varieties coca-cola bbq sauce sauce oro tero sugar no joke motts oldelpaso clamato hot salge dinner kit stand stuff tacos multi less than 2 4.49 ea thai-style hai̇landas pc frozen vegetables club size selected varieties pc or blue menu pc meal kits 907 giusta selected varieties frozen club format club dior claus classique high liner breaded- or battered fish selected varieties frozen ooon stouffer's diner classics stouffers selected varie des frozen california californienne stouffers dione class claire meat com viande fish sticks vocaberle lit multi multi less than 2 $3.49 ea less than 2 $5.49 ea blueberry bleuets joaster strude eggo fenderflake frozen eggo cool whip dessert topping i lor tenderflake pastry selected varieties frozen simple ingredients warnis cozatp kellogg's eggo waffles selected varieties original - originale pillsbury toaster strudel selected varieties frozen club house one step seasoning or la grille seasoning mixes selected varieties italiano او بووه la grille joaster strudel cool whip multi kleenex cottonelle bathroom tissue 12 double rolls or kleenex facial tissue 3-6's selected varieties cashmere bathroom tissue selected varieties 24=72 rolls huggies or pampers supers pampers fashmere big pack diapers enfamil a+ ready-to-feed or concentrate liquid formula chico selected varieties selected varieties swaddlers huggies double babyhored svi cottonelle cashmere ultra snugglers enfomil conto

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