London Drugs Flyer - 02/25-03/02/2022 (Page 3) pick up in store or ship to home drugs sensodyne pronamel dove dove men- peare sensodyne colgate sensitive pro-relief coolte protect colgate total dove bar soap savon en barre de castillepu each sensodyne toothpaste select products each sensodyne toothpaste select products colgate toothpaste select products each dove antiperspirant or deodorant select products liquid soap save $17 off our everyday low price caprina crest allenburys save $20 each caprina soap 3 x 90g or foam bath vivid blanc brillant off our everyday low price allenburys caprina each oral-b toothbrush or dental floss or crest rinse or toothpaste select products oral-b pro 500 toothbrush or crest 3d white whitestrips or whitening emulsions select products each allenburys soap caprina body wash 500ml free qers nivea $5 london drugs gift card with the purchase of 3 nivea men skin or shave products ture face wiyea listerine cool mint easy ups listerine save nivea men skin or shave off our everyday products low prices select products each listerine mouthwash select products 1l or pocket paks each select products tena always intimates stayfree always secret save secret carefree free of the same value 60cm tampax off our everyday low prices pore oor $4.49 each always or tampax products select products secret ladies' socks select products select products always discreet select products tena products select products

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