London Drugs Flyer - 01/01-01/31/2022 (Page 2)

london veganuary drugs physician prior to making any dietary changes or in refuel with vegan gummies! leo katjes jelly belly bosbe won lan prote sours gummies seiswer katjes smar swee ter wonder land bruit tunt gummies smart sweets selles or $2.79 each katjes wonder-land gummies or $2.79 each jelly belly vegan gummies 1989 or $3.99 each dare real fruit plant based gummies 350g smart sweets gummy candy 50g or $3.49 each huer sensible sweets vegan fruit gelées 130g or teddy bears 150g panda natural naturels yumy bear ginger candy licorice réglisse tens tangezangt tanda natural naturels yumy bear organic licorice réglisse waterloh framboises les or $3.49 each gem gem ginger candy 999 yumy bear candy 50g or $2.39 each tangy zangy candy 2269 panda licorice 170g happy reindeer organic licorice aspartame aspartame free noble jerky vegan jerky végétalien noble jerky teriyaki vegan jerky vegétalien wild jerry de champignon portabella jerky wild jerky de champignon pur portabella jerky picnicke jumbo na case pur bailer sbbo 60 each viana veggie snack stick to go! noble vegan jerky 70g savory wild portabella jerky 579 pür gum 555

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