Longo's Flyer - 12/30-01/12/2022 (Page 4)

produce fresh fruits & vegetables dairy & eg harvest fresh kale ure blend du frise super melange harvest kale chou frise coupe harvest spinach épinards harvest fresh spinach chopped kale or superblend individual $3.99 fresh broccoli crowns product of u.s.a fresh organic fuji royal gala or granny smith apples product of u.s.a wazing local usa florida citrus fresh red or green anjou pears product of u.s.a fresh seedless navel oranges product of u.s.a 4心 fresh florida grapefruit product of u.s.a fresh mutsu apples product of ontario sus wild wonders fresh sweet long peppers product of mexico fresh celery product of u.s.a stalk fresh green seedless grapes product u.s.a or peru fresh garlic product of spain or mexico new sustainable packaging yellow potatoes users root good root cold pressed celery juice 950ml bottle fresh romaine lettuce product of u.s.a fresh green onions product of u.s.a or mexico earthfresh farms organic potatoes 3lb pkg selected varieties longos.com only fairtrade

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