Longo's Flyer - 06/10-06/23/2021 (Page 16)

save on the brands you love at longo's nando's peri-peri hot sauce selected varieties tabasco hot sauce 57ml bottle maille mustard 235ml bottle selected varieties clover leaf bou bistro bowis woner ed light tum tatom save $1 save $1.50 save $1.30 gint chlower ilared white tuna aroma clover leaf light or flavoured tuna individual $1.79 selected varieties chankaluun clover leaf albacore tuna bistro bowls 170g pkg selected varieties save up to $1.70 for clover boneless fillets filets desosses nando's peri-peri sauce maille com mnk salmon clover leaf wedhack dijon criginale mil aos henn tabasco brand pepo cauce medium moyenne cunklickt una love the taste every time moutarde mustard clover leaf sardine fillets 106g pkg yellowfin tuna 142g canor flaked pink salmon 142g can selected varieties save up to $2.30 most trusted canadian trust study balderson taste 140 years of craftsmanship balderson raldsson palavrsin cheddar cheddar balderson balderson natural cheese slices 140g pkg selected varieties balderson 5-year-old cheddar cheese 280g pkg selected varieties balderson royal canadian cheddar snacks 126g pkg selected varieties men save $1 save $1 save $1 m.al

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