Longo's Flyer - 10/28-11/11/2020 (Page 5)

the very best from land and sea "made with 100% fresh local pork shoulder meat and no fillers!" longo's green lane local local longoá mostar no added hormones corn-fed pork longo's fresh pork back ribs local italian local fresh veal rib or loin chop longo's fresh pork sausages 500g pkg selected varieties longo's fresh pork sausages raised without antibiotics 500g pkg selected varieties fresh lamb leg chop or roast save $1 save $1 local local tempura de thalean congold black tiger shrimp longo's frozen cooked large black tiger shrimp longo's frozen tempura shrimp 500g pkg longo's boneless turkey breast roast lb sage and onion or herb longo's extra lean ground turkey white meat save $2 save $1 save $1 local local cranberry spolach ommal atlantic salmon seafood misto longo's frozen smoked atlantic salmon 200g pkg longo's longo's fresh turkey seafood misto sausages coretag original 907gpkg maple breakfast save $2 save $1 save $1 375g pkg longo's fresh turkey burgers onion & parsley or cranberry & spinach 448gpkg save $1

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