Lowes Flyer - 03/17-07/27/2022 (Page 5)

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foundation & decking materials hardware to help you get your project right! structural connectors fondation screw and supports and bolts foundation deck block pro tip ber shulderste bomix bomix bomis uerstube oms to prioritize stability we strongly suggest you build a foundation using concrete pillars with footings sbilders bor stube decking foundations types builder's tube general concrete concrete for postsetting concrete pillars with footings concrete pillars without footings concrete deck base blocks deck posts in screw piles tit tyvel avantage avantage avantage avantage • very stable • suitable for large decks • perfect in regions subject tofreeze-thaw conditions suitable for large decks • ideal for compact terrain and small structures suitable for areas where frost heave is minima • installed deep in the ground below the frost line suited to all soil conditions except extremely rocky ground we have the right tools for all your projects kobalt sucess powerful motor to deliver extended power and durability diwaly dewalt dewalt spyder dewalt provides the cleanest cuts on soft and hard plywood and vinyl பபபபபாப்பா selection and options on lowes.ca table of contents

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