Metro Flyer - 05/05-05/11/2022 (Page 9)

deli favourites ile de france brie or jarlsberg cheese castello traditional imported blue cheese bergeron or louis cyr canadian gouda cheese sussi severland siden balderson cheddar cheese aged 2 years deu cut insan buy more save more! buy more save more! swiss gruyère cheese oka president french emmental delicut & basil sundried roma turkey astro sunserer had on agropur oka cheese selected reties traditional greek feta lilydale or cuddy turkey breast selected varedes fono destelle ric castello odla provolone castello havarti creamy-cremelk feta castello sliced deli cheese selected varieties tre stelle woolwich goat feta cheese ricotta woolwich carte crija led goat feta rural sq% tre stelle ricotta or bocconcini selected varieties fromalp idio piller's fondue halloumi cheese mastro griginal بين حلوم alase cacciatore pepperoni salame fromalp gourmet or authentic cheese fondue icim halloumi cheese 2509 mastro cacciatore or casalingo salami selected varieties piller's sticks or sausage sticks trend avc sabra guacamole hairas taboule talen sveta deli classics potato egg sed classic classique hummer usule - smaner persa train traill keybrand salads 125 selected varieties sabra guacamole classic or spicy 2270 selected varieties fontaine santé hummus 1519 selected varieties fontaine santé salads or bruschetta celebrate cinco de mayo the fresh way! spice up your celebrations! garden fresh tortillas 3979 salsa selected varieties tumim! contrs aren jalapeño jalapeños cruistilles au mais blue corn guacamole tornilla chips cryustilles fontaine santé traditional jacks segala salacks tortilla chips au mais bleu has jacks secrets malack's tumim! chipotle garden fresh gourmet inspire the fresh revolution counుంగలు fontaine santé

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