No Frills Flyer - 08/20-08/26/2020 (Page 5)

the laughing cow club size club size sirloin tip steak cut from canada aa grade beef or higher or usda select grade beef or higher fresh bifteck de pointe de surlonge chicken drumsticks or thighs fresh pilons ou hauts de cuisses de poulet marcangelo marcangelo sausages selected varieties saucisses mild talian kle doucla uttalienni pork tenderloin filet de porc barbecue popes delitesh ar game schneiders mini-sizzlers breakfast sausages world of flavours marinated roasts selected varieties rotis marines shopsy's regular wieners schneiders mini sizzlers oktoberfest sausages or sausage rounds mini-saucisses ou soucisses ou rondines de saucisse soucisses fumées seal quest အနန္တ when cias bobber original seaquest raw shell on shrimp or cooked peeled shrimp crevettes true north atlantic of sockeye salmon portion portion de saumon mini babybel laughing cow selected varieties fromage con doo hoopies party orion bagels name cheese buns ats pains au fromac main name swiss rolls farmer's market loaf cakes pc mini selected varieties gâteaux ou mini-muffins hostess debbie snack selected varieties petits gâteaux weston bagels a's or no name english muffins 6's selected varieties bogels ou muffins anglais villa di manno cheese or onion buns selected varieties petits pains pc optimum offer get pts club size when you spend $20 or more on fresh beef in the meat department mobergised pc optimum member purchase $20 worth of fresh be produch before and chet redemption and of coupom more herodemarks of their respective owners "must be a registered pc optimum member nfos

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