No Frills Flyer - 07/15-07/21/2021 (Page 4)

fresh is not a frill roma tomatoes product of mexico tomates cherries cerises navel oranges product of south africa oranges forelle pears product of south africa bosc pears poires jal? royal gala apples product of chile extra fancy grade pommes cantaloupe product of u.s.a cantaloup hami melons red mangoes each product of mexico melons ou mangues eats smart pumcoid coto eat smart sweet kale salad 340 g or taylor farms salad kits selected varieties salades taylor amin tay lemons product of south africa citrons black plums or pcⓡ plumcots abricots ou prunes noires ou prucots or less tkan sea or less than ot ea organics organics biologique carrots carottes pc organics red or black seedless grapes product of mexico or u.s.a raisins sans pépins pcⓡ organics carrots product of u.s.a carottes organic raspberries blackberries or strawberries product of u.s.a framboises ou mūres ou fraises pts when you buy any 4 of the items below brand tarmie's deos priy tges per clementines clementines erime time avocados product of mexico broccou product of ontario farmer's market clementines product of south africe red green sweet peppers

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