No Frills Flyer - 04/22-04/28/2021 (Page 2)

haul canadian we at nofrills are proud to be canadian made here next time you're in our stores from domestic and imported ingredients and know that when you shop canadian at nofrills produced here produced here foodland ontario english cucumbers concombres anglais farmer's market russet potatoes pomme de terre san daniele ziggys made here made here from doi and imported ingrediente from domestic and tortadella mortadelle sur ronanova mastro prosciutto cotto capocollo or san daniele mortadella selected varieties viondes de charcuterie ziggys mastro reakickastam jamion fout note nintenant mentesinorunde van les concurso ziggy's sliced deli meat or strips franches de charcuterie ou lanières matro fully cooked made here produced made here here pub style chicken kraft strips cheez moda white meat french's ketchup selected varieties ketchup whiz day french's ketchup janes pub style breaded chicken fully cooked selected varieties poulet pané kraft cheez whiz fromage club house made here produced chili pure from here dar berna neilson chocolate milk 4l or hocolate mik international kau chocolat delight coffee lo whitener 946 ml selected varieties lait au chocolat ou colorant à café die club house gravy or seasoning mix selected varieties assaisonnements leclerc go pure fruit bars selected varieties barres aux fruits club house pure brown brune delight fruit & oat bolo onune no can

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