No Frills Flyer - 12/30-01/05/2022 (Page 10)

east meets west spring home sanuki-style 第陳春卷皮 tyj spring roll pastry tyj pate pour rouleaux de printemps udon ala styr de sandi さぬきたん bueu heiwa sanuki-style udon nouilles udon spring home spring roll pastry pâte pour rouleaux de printemps 有機 txt 毛豆莢 t&t 去幫學 rooster oyster sauce sauce aux huitres 有機周围業 organic oolong tea the oolong bio mar oyster sauce souce aux huitres 「油 scorso t&t edamame edamame t&t organic tea bags selected varieties sachets de thé crevettes pelées cuites peeled and cooked shrimp crevettes zaru latni flat basa steaks frozen darnes de pangasus seahorse cooked shrimp frozen crevettes cuites pork hocks socs de porc „99 papaya product of mexico papaye okra product of u.s.a or okra bhindi product of nicaragua okra baby bok choy product of mexico or shanghai bok choy product of u.s.a pak-choi onune et 02 nfo available at select locations only

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