No Frills Flyer - 07/02-07/08/2020 (Page 2)

haul canadian canadian grower feature procyk farms foodland ontario dedicated team at procyk farms continue their basedintherich harvesting region of wilsonville and they've been doing it their way since 1940! green or yellow zucchini product of ontario courgettes vertes ou jaunes foodland foodland ontario ontario or red leaf lettuce product of ontario laitue romaine ou en feuilles verte ou rouge local strawberries fraises locales foodland ontario foodland cremini ontario white blancs tomatoes on the vine pcⓡ whole cremini white mushrooms product of ontario champignons cremini ou blancs product of ontario tomates sur vigne foodland foodland foodland ontario contacto ontario sweet peppers poivrons produit du canada pcⓡ organics sweet peppers product of ontario poivrons doux red delicious apple product of ontario canada fancy grade pommes red delicious bunched radishes product of ontario rodis en botte made here made here produced here pure fruit & oat bar d'italiano d'italiano original bacon no name bacon selected varieties d'italiano buns pkg of 4-8 or selected varieties pain ou petits pains leclerc go pure fruit bars selected varieties bacon barres aux fruits nfo can

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