No Frills Flyer - 05/23-05/29/2019 (Page 2)

iceberg lettuce lortue holasco farmer's market yellow onions dignons farmer's market carrots carottes english cucumber concombres or 100 ea atlantic grown belelse garden free coleslaw salade de cholix coleslaw product of atlantic provinces green sweet peppers product of u.s.a poivrons doux kale product of u.s.a chou frisé or 1.00 ea salode de chou radish rodis lemons product of spain citron kiwi product of italy kiwi or.67 ea or 67 ea oke itiese organics biolog care carro samo red grapefruit product of israel pamplemousse pc organics garlic product of u.s.a pc organics mini carrots carottes miniature or 1.00 ea naz

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