No Frills Flyer - 05/21-05/27/2020 (Page 2)

eid mubarak natural delights wkakelentkezes fresh fraiches mediool abricots dried apricots i abricot "tural mer hts medjool sinar medjool dates product of u.s.a dattes medjool dried apricots product of turkey abricots séchés al shadiah bless jos synny truit al-madinah dates product of saudi arabia dattes dried figs figues seches laura nel • source offer sourcedes gluten&nutere sans gluten nok dried turkish figs product of turkey figues séchés parnoosh sufra lae honey pitted dates product of iran dattes okra product of honduras or nicaragua piments forts ou gombo sufra halal boneless skinless chicken breast fresh poitrine de poulet bigger - 15 pack talas just bakedy par crispy roti original or whole wheat pain roti roti original originale sufraⓡ halal chicken drumsticks fresh pilons de poulet truits secres dried frufts amica suraj naan suraj naan selected varietie pain noan crispy pound cakes selected varieties gâteau quatre-quarts amira almond amandes available at select locations only

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