Princess Auto Flyer - 07/21-08/02/2020 (Page 3)

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you never know what you'll find in surplus but you'll always get outstanding value and it's always worth a look! non sortint fuel on mutter and easy or wherever "on toes construche edrugged spot welding is howy burch coupled to sealed ballbie courone with also provided heavy dut base de control welding one welding ecole to make ore princess auto • pioneer menu- chonne facturer of portable compressor the latest in design and construc- the typhoon is the outstand ing new compressor value typhoon handles it with more sprey pointing buildings and equip here's just what you want save packed with the latest design and engineer in design features fully now! • canadian standards association approved • fully automatic thermo overload non-fari eactadvacia another source for items came from decommissioned military aircraft from scrapyards in canada and the united states both harvey tallman and niilo the value of military and industrial surplus products to the farmers of western canada this led to the manufacturing of princess auto's exclusive line of redi-arch portable arc welder typhoon air compressors goes with you with these portale welcome your largest compressor value in canada the all new norco "typhoon' ons bruction for long me and trouble fer service speccations guater ge gen carry 5.bloded song power with you! inoco handies and long losting rubber shock ingine 300 rpm foped with ball bear wgs tem cepetitengine price price welding accessory kit on this dk for a welders portable 'arc-power new! welder - light plant good usta parts arc-power dubina 22' height 20" width aty reactor corto 42" length easy-pin starting non-farm use shop by mail & save her equipped with niilo hartikainen niilo used his engineering background to create products manufactured salvaged many aircraft parts to build air generators-all from military surplus components

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