Quality Foods Flyer - 12/30-01/05/2020

Quality Foods
quality foods happy new year sunrise farms locally raised bc poultry grain fed free run sunrise farms chicken drumsticks try it! >99€ per lb crispy baked chicken drumsticks with honey mustard sauce get the recipe at qualityfoods.com or on our app california blue jay navel oranges 41b bagged orange bell peppers lilydale oven roasted or premium smoked turkey breast per lb per 100gr dairyland dairyland dairyland 2xm! cottage cheese aicuro cottage cheese cottage cheese • rise rise rise dairyland cottage cheese muffins muffins rise raw & organic kombucha quality giftcard dowe toate waal giftcard & big shop ad watch now phone this weekend only get a $20 gift card when you purchase $150 grocery shop friday saturday sunday

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