Quality Foods Flyer - 10/19-10/25/2020 (Page 6)

bakery quality foods large white or 60% whole wheat kaiser buns raisin bread arielles arinettes annette's glazed donuts mini danish calabrese buns coffee cake time grains linea stone mille cake centre lopain ter two layer raspberry truffle cake cakerie squares selected stone maeo sransenemen country harvest bread oroweat organic bread ature taste for life alexia loue crunch path alexia waffle cut classic classico classico sweet potato sunrige crunchy vanila leaving the earth better in everything we do we aim to work in harmony with nature - mirroring its patterns and its protecting our planet and leaving this earth better than we found it alexia onion rings or fries classico organic sauce nature's path cereal for siche only stoked ols kind pashed full love crunch kind break kind vicking eh cats vountain imaple healthy grans buckwheat sarrasin wielesery aessa stoked oats oats kind bars nature's path granola nature's path waffles yogurt actiya activia anactive els activia danino source source source yop danone activia yogurt danone drinkable yogurt yoplait source 0% yogurt yoplait yop drinkable yogurt 99€

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