Quality Foods Flyer - 11/22-11/28/2021 (Page 2)

produce quality foods british columbia bean sprouts gai lan chinese broccoli chinese eggplant yue choy per lb per lb per lb sul choy bok choy baby bok choy shanghai bok choy perib per lb per lb broccoli mance rainbow salad cole slaw mexico french green beans mann's broccoli cole slaw or california green bell peppers mexico green zucchini squash for for per lb per lb green fresh giant snay baby cut carrots washcs-ho fecutres nap green giant baby cut carrots china topsweet snap or snow peas on the vine red tomatoes california persimmons california green seedless grapes for for per lb per lb per lb organic lemona certified organic 25%off freshfruit in store cut peru passion fresh kent mangoes washington bosc or red d'anjou pears organic lemons at selected stores only selections vary by store per per lb the flower stand shop online at theflowerstand.qualityfoods.com poinsettia build your own bouquet selected varieties snowbird ceramic with poinsettia seasonal beauty bouquet styles mayvary by store deer tree planter selections may vary by store

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