Quality Foods Flyer - 04/20-04/26/2020 (Page 2)

produce quality flórida island good cucumber california large navel oranges florida beefsteak field tomatoes vancouver island mini cucumbers rage's or hilltop california fresh strawberries per lb for per lb broccoli cole slaw painbow wolle vey central america fresh whole cantaloupe or mexico whole honeydew melon mann's broccoli cole slaw or rainbow salad mexico fresh large hass avocadoes hawaii dole gold super sweet pineapple red seedless grapes for for per lb in our westshore location we apologize for the inconvenience lightlife tenders filets de lightlife jsland bacon good bol topsel cinnabar valley island's finest rich organic top soil broccoli crowns per lb lightlife plant based products canada champs mushrooms organic portabella mushrooms california organic green asparagus per lb shop online at the flower stand theflowerstand.qualityfoods.com • dicentra or columbine seedling geranium vegetable starter grow your own food vegetable vegetable starter mix and match flat sale british columba blooms bouquet designs may vary by stores spring planter flats rose lily bouquet designs may vary by stores assorted annuals

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