Real Canadian Superstore Christmas Flyer 2019 Flyer - 12/19-12/24/2019

Real Canadian Superstore Christmas Flyer 2019
real canadian superstore merry christmas canada aaa or usda choice cut in-store cap-off prime rib premium oven roast cut from canada aaa grade beef or usda choice grade beef self serve tray save 11.34 lb farmer's market" yellow onions product of ontario farmer's market" white or russet potatoes tropicana juice simply juice lemonade or gold peak iced tea selected varieties optimum rounty club size charmin save up to 7.00 save up to 2.00 lb tropicana soft simply orange charmin bathroom tissue 12-48 rolls or bounty paper towels 6=12 rolls fresh atlantic salmon fillet skin-on or fresh cod fillets free mes cal a calca cica cical cala_nen nabob nabob roast and melitta whole estea nest2 bean 907g coffee selected varieties when you spend estd 1995 $225 or more in-store pc cheese collection box coca-cola or canada dry soft whole chicken 2 pk εα up to $25.00 value any other coupons or promotional offers rcss 1e

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