Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 04/29-05/05/2021 (Page 4)

head and product of canada rouges yellow fushed acair jaune bring on the canadian farmer's market english cucumbers product of ontario canada no bag farmers market red or yellow potatoes product of canada canada no.1 grade club size foodland club size feland product of canada uite blancs club size renée's caesar caesar light or mighty caesar dressings product of canada cler no name naturally imperfect apples product of ontario canada commercial grade naturally imperfect naturellement imparfaits renes moty casa os some pc whole white or cremini mushrooms product of ontario cut from canada aaa beef made in canada from domestic and temported ingredients canadian seafood product of canada club size outside round roast or steak cut from canada aaa grade beef availability lou's peameal bacon selected varieties fresh atlantic salmon portions selected varieties or atlantic lobster tails frozen or thawed for your convenience old mill bread white or whole made in canada from domestic and imported ingredients made in canada from ingredients ziggy's ham selected varieties dell service case sliced pc natural choice turkey breast selected varieties del service case sliced tax see back page for details emerald cedar container grown from spring bulbs plant now for summer blooms selected varieties 5° duchow red rouge cow manure compost&peat mone fumier de vache compte toute de sphaigne natural bermula de naturel flower & garden bed soil mde mélange de sol massifs de fleurs pc flower and garden bed soil sol buy 3 or more gooo no name cow manure compost no name cedar mulch available in natural black and red less than 3 pay 3.50 ea poting soil terreau d'empotage vegetable & herb sol mk mlangol légumes fines herbes potting soil buy 3 or more vegetable and herb soll 5°° less than 3pay 6.00 ea black earth all-purpose son • terreau tout usage terre noire sing pc deluxe annual hanging basket 11inch buy 2 or more buy 5 or more pc deluxe annual planter selected varieties pc black earth all-purpose soil less than s pay 2.29 ea see back page for flyer details

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