Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 07/22-07/28/2021 (Page 3)

onts bask www shore wapi pc organics green or red seedless grapes mini seedless watermelon product of mexico veera we ono ruby rousses club size golden dorées ste pc little gems mini or yellow potatoes product of u.s.a farmer's market sweet peppers pkg of 4 product of canada or mexico or pc portobello mushrooms product of ontario farmer's market baking potatoes pkg of 4 or vidalia onions 2 lb bag product of u.s.a no.1 grado bartlett pears product of fancy geade buy club size original leone mirade original whip d'italiano miracle whip free from pork picnic roast bone-in fresh boneless rib steak cut from canada aaa grade beef or usda choice grade d'italiano buns miracle whip spread selected varieties credites honey carlic optimum alle met get cobblestone pork back ribs 6809 oy chicken drumsticks selected varieties frozen pts cobblestone individual optimum lever individuelles aqua sao size club king crab crabe royal glass pattes et pnces marisce la jercefne der fire aquastar king crab legs and claws pc wild smoked sockeye salmon pc free fromboneless skinless chicken breast mastro montalella warta naan save 2.98 pc thins buns or pc naan rounds selected varieties southern fried chicken mastro prosciutto cotto capocollo or san daniele mortadella selected varieties natural choice turkey or chicken breast selected varieties del service case sliced optimum baked in-store bados pizza cheese or cheese swirl bun selected varieties always mini chocolate croissants two-bite brownies cinnamon rolls 5959 large tub pickfontario re sunflower bunch pc summer annual planter selected varieties see back page for flyer details

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