Real Canadian Superstore Flyer - 07/22-07/28/2021 (Page 9)

kontor bring on summer clur original cheezit cheezit baked snack crackers new! extra cheesy mous pringles pringles solan orapia made with real cheese pringles potato chips selected varieties selected varieties queen kellogg's rice krispies wise pipps fruit family size kellogg's rice krispies loops chocolate chip kellogg's family size cereal selected varieties kellogg's noviche lavours or colours rice krispies nutri bars grain pop-tarts crisps nutri grain bars 295 selected varieties quaker dipps or chewy bars selected varieties chewy nescafe | |-| quaker quaker new! nouveau! starbucks ground or whole bean or single serve pods 10's selected varieties life nescafé or sweet and creamy coffee selected varieties ace harvest crunch original quaker cereal selected varieties starrucks nescu gold new! sg suger per serving dan dare breton original bear paws bear paws veggies+fruits dare bear paws cookies wagon wheels 3159 selected varieties vinta dare breton baked or bear paws crackers selected varieties chocolate chip carrot cake is de no artificial colours or flavours better sanin novic original aut tinelle reese's swiss classic lindor here thins minces sinett & oh henry! sws class hershey's chocolate pouches selected varieties hershey's lindt swiss classic tablet selected varieties side lindor lindt lindor chocolate bags selected varieties onde pretzels-bretzels save 51 hershey's multipack chocolates selected varieties 1kg cavales megr valfur skitkat nestlé kitkat smarties or aero minis pantry bag kitkat mem m&m's chocolate bags 1 kg or maltesers selected varieties excel or wrigley's gum selected varieties caerd 1kg mega mahakama aero minis save up to 3.00 save 3.02 nestlé single chocolate bars selected varieties buy any 2 get doritos cheetos optimum polis souffles poppables pacho lays doritos tortilla cheetos snacks selected varieties classe classique optimum poppables potato snacks 1309 selected varieties see back page for flyer details

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