Rexall Flyer - 06/05-06/11/2020 (Page 4)

pharmacy save get get aerius love our brands pts allegra-d ceite dalle when you when you allergies sasalonge warm non drowy non-drowsy rexall allergy formula caplets hour claritin rexall brand allergy formula liquid capsules 20's-40's or allergy well well loratadine tablets us ming allergies al al od of allergi water claritin alurgy continent allegra-d caplets 30's or allegra 12 hour tablets 36's or 24 hour tablets 18's aerius allergy or dual action allergy tablets 30's or claritin tablets or rapid dissolve 50's neilmed nasaflo sal rinse divi get masal visine visine mon drewsy neilmed sinus rinse pts claritin 24 redeye advance triple action sinus rense when you loratade og allergy selling and relieve allergy symptoms bell well claritin allergy or allergy+ sinus tablets or liquid gels 15's-30's or aerius tablets 20's save ask your rexall pharmacist about the right allergy medications for your family sinus rinse products selected types and sizes visine eye drops selected types ease your pain get get buprofen soraine robaxacet get fitra strength when you when you love our robax pts when you and beck buy 1 platinum platinum biofreeze brands biofreeze robaxisał extra panele weil extra strength well beb well son tenu neck musim sri & sorin rexall brand muscle & back robax platinum caplets 185 biofreeze topical pain relievers selected types and sizes robaxacet or robaxisal extra strength caplets 18's extra strength muscle & back pain relief caplets 18's stock your medicine cabinet love our brands aleve zimquil rexall get pts when you stastup to ots new salonpas salonpas zuzqui aleve caplets 100's nighttime caplets 40's or back & body pain liquid gels 52's aleve save save well nighttime salonpas pain relief patches or jet spray 118ml locare vicks zzzquil pure zzzs melatonin 24's-48's nighttime sleep aid liquid sleep aid rexall brand epsom salts 2kg download the app easily submit new prescriptions with a photo well well refill instantly refill prescriptions at your preferred pharmacy get notifications when your prescriptions are ready for pick-up wellness simplified read information about your prescription medication alle and gere on app store google play learn more at feel your best get pts get love our brands gaviscon when you max nelier renewlife gaviscon when you restoralax bio-k eatro rexal beb well well allion 60 moon save save save culturelle probiotics or hydralyte rehydration solutions restoralax laxative powder gaviscon foamtabs 50's-60's or liquid selected types rexall brand anti-diarrheals probiotics or fibres bio-k or renew life probiotics or digestive care products health care essentials get get pts love our nexcare nexcare elastoplast faban rexall aah rex when you brands love our brands hold recall fabric bandages nexcare elastoplast plastic be thrive thrive when you spend 5100 more before taxes on select products listed family pack well oma tamily pack bev well save save save save save rexall brand antibiotics or anti-itch products selected types first aid products selected types elastoplast bandages rexall brand "off reg price

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