Rexall Flyer - 05/16-05/23/2019 (Page 4)

bilen air when you spend $20 or more before taxes on aerius claritin or hydrasense products listed below acrius fight your tough allergy symptoms with fast multi-symptom relief claritin choose 24hr non-drowsy indoor & outdoor allergy symptom relief fast and effective relief of 15 symptoms eyes palate itclry palate non-drowsy otc brandt claritin nose norges temostuftines skin skin itch,hives claritin allergy + sinus or liquid capsules 24's throat and ears new orowy claritin claritin laula gyisukes alwy es claritin liquid capsules 40's or tablets 50's aerius tablets 20's hydrasense eye drops hydrasense breathe better with naturally sourced hydrasense during this season for long-lasting dry eye relief innovative sterile delivery system for multi-dose products hydrasense daily nasal care - 100% naturally-sourced most trusted hydrasense new single use vials with provitamin b5 new home amatrace netrinse nen roma trita- save hydrasense hydrasense hydrasens save save hydrasense eye drops netirinse irrigation kit hydrasense 210ml hydrasense 100ml toffreg price breathe better sal benadryl reactine total allergy relief everyday allergies unexpected allergic reactions bonus miles® sneezing watery eyes congestion rashes insect bites! poison ivy hives new benadryl extra strength reactine allergy when you spend $20 or more before taxes on select reactine or benadryl products listed extra strength children's reactine clulares benadryl effective relief lasis 20 extra strength rapid dissolve allerov attery chewable dows nuo reactine benadryl cast work in 20 minutes grape mail save benadryl caplets reactine 60's liquid gels extra strength tablets 48's or caplets 36's or liquid gels 40's reactine extra strength rapid dissolve 24's benadryl children's select products or reactine children's or junior select products sanofi be equipped for your flonase in one daily dose allegra 12 allegra nasacort allery 24hr allow flonase allegra-d bonus miles purchased bonus miles purchased flonase 24 hour allergy nasal spray masaldonestion flonase save up to 24hr relief • scent-free patient preferred suitable for adults and children 12 years of age and older caplets 30's or nasacort 24 hour runny nose sneezing sms neressare flonase 24 hour allergy nasal spray monoaa hr gsk

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